26 March 2010

it's a pity, it's a crying shame

I gave up on Natalie Merchant several years ago, right about when her disc "Motherland" came out and she suddenly sounded like she had become a 50-a-day smoker. I just read on Wikipedia that apparently Rolling Stone magazine liked this new sound to her voice, calling it "deep and gritty."

Of course, my dislike for her had already started to build before that album. Like when she chose a Welsh wailer to accompany her at one concert we attended. And the up-their-own asses concert-goers who fawned over her every movement at the Sanders Theatre concert several years ago. And being told by someone who went to high school with her that Natalie was a pretentious bitch back in the day.

I don't think much has changed. 

And so I really had nothing left but further eye rolling when I saw this on Harvard Book Store's Events list. Guck Ne. Just go read the press release and tell me if your eyes don't roll. Completely self-indulgent. 

Oh Natalie. I miss your twirling 10,000 Maniacs days -- when you sang such depressing lyrics to such upbeat tunes. 

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