23 March 2010

taking my lumps

I feel like a bit of a freak these past few days. On Friday, my left ear felt a bit swollen and I thought I might be getting an ear infection. On Saturday, I noticed a lump on my head and berated myself for not remembering what I bumped into -- as is often my case.

By Sunday, I was developing 2 more lumps: one on my eyebrow and another on my head. 

And on Monday, I had 3 more -- in the neck, other side of eyebrow, and on skull.

All lumps are on the same side of my head.

Time to call the doctor.

After an hour of waiting (and making the nurse take my blood pressure a second time because the first one was 140/80 and it's never that high -- the second was my normal 120/70), the doc felt up my lumps and gave me her diagnosis.

She has no f'ing clue what it is.

She thinks my neck lymph nodes are swollen in reaction to whatever is causing the lumps. She ruled out insect bites because there's no skin breakage or entry point.

She thought maybe shingles, but none of the bumps or red patches have a water-filled, blister-like covering. 

So, she washed her hands and said "Sometimes these things just come and go."



Anonymous said...

WOW!! You should thank Obama for the new health insurance reform: at least, you will be afraid of your unknown new disease with dignity from now on... Let us know when it reaches the point of no return!

Anonymous said...

Blood test maybe?!! What kind of doctor is that?!!