17 June 2008

a lot more than just books at the library

My library book group just wrapped up our season, and will now take a summer break (although as we were walking out, there was some chatter about possibly meeting in July or August).

I should clarify and say I'm in 2 groups: the contemporary book group at the Main Library in Cambridge, and another one comprised of young professional women.

I have no hesitations in saying that the library group is my favorite. It's a core group of 6, with a few semi-regulars and -- something I really love -- occasional drop-ins. The latter is a phenomenon that is inspirational. Every now and then, someone who is traveling or visiting relatives in the area will join our discussion. The person, always a woman, asked about or searched around and found the library's book groups and decided to stop in -- most often not having read the book, just wanting to join the conversation. I find that absolutely lovely. I'd never have the courage or confidence to do it, but so wish I did.

All my library ladies are special to me. Once a month, over an hour-long meeting, we discover little bits of each other's lives, while dishing or gushing about the current book selection. We're all different ages, from late 20s/early 30s into their 70s. These women make me laugh, make me think, and make me feel less lonely.

I hope that casual chatter about seeing each other over the summer turns into definite plans. Maybe I'll summon the courage to organize a get-together.

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