27 May 2008

some things are better left in the 80s

Sunday night, Richard and I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. But first we had dinner at our favorite restaurant, Wagamama, and then ice cream at Lizzy’s.

And while waiting in line for my two scoops, I had my first throwback of the evening. In front of us was a gaggle of coeds, flirting with each other and being typical college kids. Very normal, except for one guy, who I swear must have just watched Pretty in Pink and decided that Blane’s fashion style (the guy on left) was worth resurrecting:

Our millennial kid had added a fresh twist by wearing baggy shorts instead of the trousers, but he kept the loafers. And, maybe because I’d had this Blane association in my mind, I thought this kid was acting like a “richie” (Pretty’s writer/director John Hughes called them richies instead of yuppies), with the cool, half-closed eyes, the teasing and offstandish attitude with his girl friends.

In any case, I rolled my 80s flashback across the street to the Harvard Square Loew’s theatre as we watched Harrison Ford and Karen Allen attempt to resurrect their Indy and Marion characters. I’ll just say here that the good memories stopped cold and hard within the first few minutes of the film.

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