13 November 2007

an arresting impression, reprise

So, it's already been a long week.

As Richard mentioned, we saw The Police on Sunday night. I don't mean to brag, but I think the Fenway show (see 2 August 2007 post), was far superior. They were younger a few months ago, seemed to have more energy, and seemed to care. End-of-tour-itis.

And tonight, I'm feeling that same lethargy. Didn't help that I tasted about 3 wines too many at the Boston Uncorked event last night. Great event, as always. This time it was held at The Cellar in Cambridge. Lots of food (which is important!), and about 10 different wines from Portugal and Spain. In retrospect, I should have stayed clear of the white wines. They were pretty bad. Even the reds seemed either too fruity or too bitter. But hey, I'm no sommelier -- just enjoy drinking the stuff.

Here's a terrible terrible photo of the 3 of us: me (looking zombi-fied), Michelle (who, before the shutter snapped, said she hates having her photo taken), and Jenny (a natural in front of the camera).

Went to the Cambridge main library tonight to get some books for my Everybody Wins reading partner, a 2nd grader who has a shed-load of energy and little focus. Armed with a list of good books, I made my way to the children's section. Door closed, lights off. WTF? Being breeder-less, I am without the knowledge that all children should be home, doing homework or in bed, by 7pm, which is when the children's section closes. UGH. Will make another attempt tomorrow.

If you're free this Thursday night, come join me and Richard and 200 others for the Everybody Wins fundraiser at Fenway Park. If you're a Red Sox fan, you can see the 2004 and 2007 World Series trophies. Or just help us raise some money for a great cause!

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