25 October 2007

they're bugging me

I need help: Does anyone know what this thing is?

We started seeing them in our apartment in early spring. We're on the first floor; there are some pretty decent size cracks in our floorboards, so maybe they're coming from the basement?

We're not getting bitten, so I guess they're not harmful, but I'm getting really tired of wasting tissues killing these stupid things.

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Didier said...

Hi Anne,

You are invaded with... Scutigera coleoptrata! Family of myriapoda (i.e., a millipede), they are defined in three classes (Chilopod, Diplopod and woodlouse.

Yours is a scutigeromorpha, totally harmless when small, it can bite if it reaches a certain size.

This insect loves humidity and eats other small worms...

I guess you're fine!