11 December 2009

a very good night

All wrong:

Roethlisberger sacked eight times!

I'll be honest: I cried last night on the final play of the Pittsburgh v Cleveland game, when a swarm of Browns players jumped on Santonio Holmes to halt any chance the Steelers had of winning the game.

The tears expressed sheer relief from an awful year that started with the announcement of Eric Mangini as head coach for the Browns. I can't recall being more depressed about my team than this year, as I watched them continually dither about who to play at quarterback, struggle both offensively and defensively, speak badly about their teammates in the press, and see one player after another go down with an injury.

Compounding the agony is having to listen to broadcasters, so obviously chagrined at having to call a Browns game, try to find something, anything, kind to say about the team. I hear that same tone — it carries an element of disbelief — whenever someone from outside Ohio talks about the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. 

I cried because I came so close to buying a Green Bay Packers football jersey a few days ago. I had nearly given up on my team. 

But this dawg of a team right-sided my football world last night. After 12 straight losses to the Steelers, we finally beat them. It felt and still feels fantastic! I'm thrilled and proud to wear my Browns t-shirt to work today.

Make no mistake: This Browns team is still utter shite. The defense played well last night, but aside from Josh Cribbs, the offense couldn't get anything done. This season for them has been a disaster. 

The Browns will continue to screw it up and be a rotten team for a while to come. And no matter how good they may become, they will never ever gain respect in the NFL. 

But they're my team. 

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