08 November 2009

potage d'oignon

Yesterday morning, I finally got around to watching a couple episodes of The French Chef. I'd never watched the show, but after reading My Life in France, I was taken in by Julia Child -- impressed by her scientific and passionate approach to cooking and total love for food.

In just the three episodes I watched yesterday, I learned so much and realized I've got to go kitchen utensil shopping! First, I've got to get proper cutting knives. And I need a kitchen sewing needle because I need to truss a chicken, because I never realized what a difference trussing can make for a roasted chicken!

And so inspired, I decided to make Julia's French onion soup today. Now, in her tv show, she says to use red wine (which I did), but if you look at her recipes on the Web, they all call for white wine. Also, she said to use Swiss cheese, but that seemed too 70s Americana to me, so I opted to use Gruyere instead. Otherwise, I followed her tv show recipe to the letter -- even brushing slices of French bread with olive oil and baking them. The result: magnifique! Incredibly filling and rich, but a perfect composition, as Richard called it.

I'm already looking forward to roasting a trussed chicken next week, and trying her potato pancake recipe.

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