31 October 2009


Counter to Richard's sage foresight, I went ahead and bought 4 bags of candy this morning for the "100 kids" my neighbor said we'd get. Another neighbor told me he went through 3 bags last year.

So you know what's coming. If we got 20 kids tonight, I'd be surprised.

For two reasons we got through half the candy:
1. when she thought I wasn't looking, one kid (dressed as a clown) scooped two plus-sized handfuls into her candy bag.
2. we're now stuffing handfuls into our mouths.

So alas, disappointment. I had such high hopes for our first Halloween in our new 'hood. Best trick or treater of the night? The boy who asked for a glass of water because his mouth was dry. Only in Cambridge...

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Anonymous said...

Poor kid.... NOT!!!