17 June 2009

our future text

I can easily be distracted by stupidity, and then led down a cynical path of emotional gloom and doom. Some days I despair for our future, and then other days I think: I don't have any kids to pass this crap on to or who will have to deal with our dying planet, so who the hell cares?

Today I was distracted by this stupid story, which got my eyes rolling -- a sure first sign of cynicism. I find it pitiful that there is actually a contest for text messaging. I mean really, how does this skill help improve our society and why are we celebrating it with prizes? Why aren't our little nerd boys and girls awarded with Wall Street Journal press for their innovations and experiments?

So I get kinda sad, then cynical. And what's worse is that I have tweeted, facebooked and now blogged this ridiculous story. So, in the end, turns out that I'm the sad git.

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