07 June 2009

a few random thoughts on sunday

I love our new clothesline that Richard strung up yesterday in our back garden. I've already managed to get 2 loads of laundry to dry au naturel (that bit of itals is for you Richard!), and I'm feeling quite eco-proud.

Bought way too much lettuce at the farmers' market yesterday. I noticed this morning that the arugula is already wilting. I won't get through it fast enough.

I'm so happy the farmers' market is back! It was a bit slow yesterday, but in a few weeks, all the vendors will be in place. My mouth is already watering thinking about Nicewicz's sweet corn and peaches.

God, first swine flu and now a gang war shootout in Acapulco. Why couldn't the latter have happened before we bought our October tickets? The prices are going to freefall now. Damn.

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