27 June 2009


I took a leap into gadget geek today with my first iPhone. I resisted for months with the excuse that I hardly use my cellphone. But when my iPod started dying, and when I realized how much extra I'm paying for text messages on my Sprint plan, it became easier to persuade me.

Of course, I will never be the cool, sophisticated iPhone user that Richard is -- deftly switching between apps, knowing all about Bluetooth or popping it into a multimedia, gizmoed up car. Yeah, I'm still holding the damn thing like it's going to break into a million pieces (even though we popped $40 extra for the rubber phone guard knowing how I like to drop things) and worried I'm going to erase everything if I press the wrong button. But I'm totally psyched to find new, fun little apps like "how to find your car in a massive parking lot".

Progress underway.

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