12 February 2009

update on monkey business

The good folks over at Gallop must've read about my desire to see how the Americans would match up against the Brits on the theme of evolution. They carried out their own little survey, though with slightly different questions.

Now, I did take statistics in college, but because the class started at 8am, coupled with the fact there's a fair amount of math involved, I rarely attended. But I did catch enough to pass (D grade) the course, and thus am confident in making this feeble conclusion:

The Americans are even more stupid than the Brits.

But then, most of you already knew that, and you probably didn't even take statistics.

Yes, my countrymen and women did not disappoint. An average of just 39% believe in evolution, compared with nearly 50% of Brits. Here's your "of course" information: the more educated tend to be on Darwin's side, and the more religiously fervent prefer that God just plopped us all down here one day.

Sometimes, I wish I couldn't read.

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