27 January 2009

it's pronounced ko-kee-nus

OK, so I'm not impressed with our new GM, who was freakin finally officially announced yesterday, even though all the main sports press were saying it was a done deal last week. As per usual, the Browns dropped the ball in terms of making decisions.

Granted, I'm basing my impression of George Kokinis on a 1:29 minute clip, but the guy lacks spark, passion and confidence.

Add this dull bastard to these PR problems:
* Browns owner Lerner refuses to give press conferences, allegedly due to "social anxiety". The fact that he's never in Cleveland doesn't help.
* Browns President Mike Keenan has all the charm of a wet dishrag. See intro from linked clip above for proof.
* Earlier this month, the Browns laid off their director of media information and their senior staff writer, as well as some marketing people.

Great. Now all we have to go on is former-ball-boy-turned-head-coach Mangini and our so-called "players," some of whom have enough PR problems of their own.

And yet, who's the true idiot? Me, because I'm still a Browns fan.

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