08 January 2009

in the end, a Browns fan

I don't have a good feeling about Eric Mangini as the new head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Here are my thoughts:

1. Why couldn't owner Lerner delay his decision and interview some of the coaches and coordinators from teams that are now in the playoffs? Four teams will get knocked out this weekend alone! And the draft is not until the end of April.

By hiring Mangini now, we lost the chance to hire New England's Scott Pioli as our general manager (can't have both sides of Spygate on the same team). And now Philadelphia's Tom Heckert, who was supposed to interview with the Browns tomorrow, cancelled his interview -- less than 2 hours after Mangini was announced as head coach. This last bit of news really has me nervous that some NFL executives do not like Mangini.

2. Why wasn't Mangini interviewed by any of the other teams that need a head coach? It's not like he denied any interview requests -- no other team even ASKED him.

3. Just why was Mangini fired by the Jets? His overall record was 23-25 with the Jets. Not as abysmal as Romeo Crennel's record (24-40). Mediocre, sure. Even more reason to wonder why Lerner wanted him so badly.

I don't think Mangini deserved to be fired, but I also don't think he deserved another shot so quickly, without many questions or interviews.

I think that by July, when the Browns enter training camp, I'll be over this and my hope will return. A small part of me wants to like him, especially because I think he looks a bit like my middle brother...

and also because I like the enthusiasm and excitement he has shown over being a Brown. Regarding the latter, I think this is what ultimately got him hired.

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