04 August 2008

home of the brave

Walking home from JP Licks in Harvard Square tonight, Richard's niece Rachel (with her friend, Laura, visiting us from the UK for 2 weeks) declares that ice cream is the best thing about her trip to America, so far. "You get a lot of it," she explained.

Ah yes. America: the land of no portion control.

Well, we still have another 10 or so days to top the ice cream impression.

Not that we haven't tried! These past few days we have taken the girls kayaking, ziplining, and mega-shopping.

Here we are (post-zip):

Rachel and Laura are great -- very polite, funny, fun and, except for their complete ignorance about the Beatles, a bit too smart for 16 years of age -- but man, I'm already tired. NYC trip still to come this weekend....

[side note to my friends who have asked: Isobelle is doing great. No barfing now for 17 days!]

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