28 July 2008

at a certain age

Went to the George Michael concert at Boston Garden last night. I think my friend Jenny best categorized the audience:
a) female and 35+ years old, or
b) gay male and 35+ years old, or
c) gay male

So Richard was the odd man out, and in order not to prove white straight men can't dance, he stayed seated throughout the concert.

Meanwhile, Jenny, Jen and I were quite happy to shake our asses, as George very nicely asked of us.

Now, I will say that as concerts go, this one wasn't all that good. He never established a good flow. Instead he would sing a danceable hit, then a slow number, a mediocre mellow song, then another disco-like song. So, for us ladies who wanted to recall our days on the dance floor, it was hip shaking one minute, plopping down on our butts the next. Even the encore started with Careless Whisper then went to Freedom.

Anyway, George was gracious and seemingly grateful. He apologized several times for starting the concert over an hour late -- because allegedly his plane arrived into Boston at 8pm. I'm not convinced. The caption to the above photo (which I found among several concert pix here for a June 2007 gig in England) says he arrived 40 minutes late. I think it's a thing with him.

But whatever. He seemed happy and sober, and he was certainly fit and having some dancing fun.

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