01 March 2008


One of my favorite radio stations around here is FNX. The music they play, in my day, would have been called "alternative." I don't know wtf they call it now. I listen to their morning show on my way to work. And frankly, 20 years ago, I wouldn't have dreamed of listening to this shite that Richard mockingly calls the Morning Zoo. So maybe I've mellowed. I like their schtick, I share their views on pop culture, and the Mega Robo Thunder Phone Query is nearly always worth a few laughs.

And all along I've known that The Sandbox guys are at least half my age:

And I've told myself "hmm. see? I'm still hip."

But in my car this afternoon, the FNX DJ announced he was going to play a "vintage" song. I felt the prickles of dread, though I remained hopeful it would be an Elvis Costello or Police song from the late 70s. But no, vintage is now the late 80s and the song they played was the Cowboy Junkies' cover of "Sweet Jane," released in 1988.

Kinda sad, but I'll still listen to the station. Cuz I like the Junkies. And I like the more "modern" stuff FNX plays like White Stripes, The Bravery, or Muse. And I'll still call it "alternative".

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