01 March 2008

see for yourself

I was at the eyeglass place in Harvard Sq tonight, getting my glasses adjusted. As I waited, there was a woman trying on specs. She found 3 frames she liked, but told the sales guy she wanted to think about it, and asked him to note her favorites so that when she came back, she could try them again. The guy was very nice and wrote down the names/IDs of the frames.

Then, she asks him: "Are you familiar with [name of competitor eyeglass place one block down]?"

The sales says yes, so she asks: "What do you think of their frames?"

Now, c'mon. The guy was really nice, but did she think he was gonna say "Oh they're great and much more reasonable in price than we are! Why don't you go buy your glasses there, now that you've wasted my time here!" Or alternatively, why would he snub the place and look like a nasty salesperson?

No, he went for the high ground, complimenting the place and trying to explain that his store had some unique offerings.

But really, some people are idiots.

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