05 January 2008

loving me some law & order

As noted in his blog, Richard has been traveling this past week on business. Though sometimes I wish I could join him — especially to warmer climates like LA — I really enjoy time on my own. It’s not like I do anything differently than when he’s here. Frankly, I’m often even more boring.

For example, every night this week, being saddled with a head cold, I’ve donned as much fleece and wool clothing as possible, topped it off with a blanket and curled myself up on the couch with Isobelle nestled against me, and watched the first year of Law & Order episodes. Keeping me company are a young(er) Chris Noth as Detective Logan with his hip NY swagger and long leather coat, and the moral and ethical lessons of DA Ben Stone (Michael Moriarty) — far superior an actor to the wank Sam Waterston who took his place. What a great show. Can’t wait for George Dzundza’s character to be bumped off so I can enjoy Paul Sorvino’s hefty characterization of Sgt Phil Ceretta.

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