22 November 2007


Best turkey ever. We got a brined turkey breast from Whole Foods and it was the juiciest, most tender turkey I've ever roasted.

And while I'm talking about Whole Foods, just gotta say that my local — on Prospect St in Cambridge – was the picture of efficiency last night when I picked up my turkey. It was 6pm, and with fear of last-minute crowd madness, I pulled into their tiny lot. But they were totally ready, with 2 staffers in the lot directing drivers in and out. I eased into a spot and braced for the crush inside. Again, pleasant surprise: as soon as I walked in, there was a stand for turkey orders and a smiling young lady asked my name, got on her walkie talkie and asked the person on the other end to fetch my bird. I had a few other things to pick up, so she gave me a turkey barcode receipt so I could pay for everything at once, and told me to pick up my turkey on the way out. All the registers were open, both the cashier and the woman who packed my bags were cheerful, and to top it all off, another WF employee waited nearby with my turkey, then wished me a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope those people got nice holiday bonuses, because that was an incredibly smooth last-minute shopping experience.

So now, full of turkey (and plenty left over), stuffing, potatoes and squash, we're laying flat out with the Jets v Dallas game on. Ain't it great to be in America?

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