04 June 2007

say no to the kiddie show

Every time I say "never again", and yet there I was, going to see a movie on opening weekend.

The place: Fresh Pond Cinemas, Cambridge
The movie: Knocked Up
The time: Sunday, 5:15pm

Every seat taken, loud laughers on both sides of us. Latecomers who don't own a watch and have to climb over people for any remaining seat. Whatever.

Those are minor and brief inconveniences compared with the sideshow three rows back from us: Some idiots decided it was OK to bring their infant AND their 2-year-old kid with them. The infant intermittenly cries throughout the film. The toddler is obviously bored (apparently the kid so far is not impressed by sex and drugs, but something tells me that with the start it's getting, it won't be long now) and so talks to his parents/guardians/whatever throughout.

I'm gonna sound like a crotchety old bubba now, but you know, in my day, if the parents couldn't find or afford a babysitter, THEY STAYED IN! Just because I'm seeing some movie about a couple having a baby doesn't mean I want some "live kid action" in the theater. And just because the R-rated movie disclaimer says "Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult" doesn't mean it's OK to bring your freakin babies!

One of these days I will learn: there's just no going to the show on opening weekend.

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