23 September 2006

the big E

That time of year again. Eastern States Exposition, aka The Big E. Springfield, man. Way the hell out there. The ride's probably longer because my mind is in corn dog and curly fries mode, and my stomach is in rumble mode. After passing up all the nearby parking lots, we finally put the car in a gas station lot and, like cattle, follow the smells of bad bad bad fair food. And true to style, it was a Festival of Food: Bucket o' Fries, corn dogs, pierogis, ice cream. So bad... so good.

And like every year, we visited the hatchery to see the chicks popping out of their shells, climbing all over each other. Sheep being sheered, or laying in their pens (why do some of them have coats? are they cold?). Lots of big-ass cows, some of them stripey ones.

Three hours later, in a salt & sugar haze, we ambled back to the gas station parking lot for the long ride home, then rest up for next year.

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