23 September 2006

ah, the breezes

After Richard’s successful back surgery, we got giddy knowing that travel was back in the picture and went on a travel buying spree. First up, Acapulco.

Typically, we’re not sit-on-the-beach kind of people; we’re sightseers. But ever since a travel show several years ago, we’ve had the Las Brisas resort on our minds. Each suite has its own private pool; breakfast (fresh fruit, sweet rolls and coffee) is delivered each morning; pink jeeps shuttle you to your room and around the cliffside complex. We had to try it.

Las Brisas was everything promised. I think I often take a cynical, prepare-to-be-disappointed view, so having it all at Las Brisas was nearly more happiness than I could bear. Because besides the perfect delivery of service, the perfect-tasting food, the perfectly-placed sunsets, the perfect views from our suite overlooking Acapulco Bay and the ocean beyond, and near-perfect weather (Ok, it was a bit too hot), we had the perfect honeymoon 10 years later.

It was wonderful to feel all those newly-met, newly-wed feelings. It was amazing to actually enjoy sitting by the pool, flipping through Vogue and Elle -- and not be thinking "what are we going to do next."

Some facts about our trip:
* drank 18 bottles of beer, a bottle of wine, sangria and margheritas -- in 3.5 days
* Richard read 4 books; I read and enjoyed (except the absolutely crap Oprah magazine) 5 silly women's magazines that I never ever otherwise read
* met a naive couple from Wisconsin, who were struggling to understand the Mexicans and didn't want to go to Senor Frogs because a relative allegedly had her chest felt up there (wtf?)
* Las Brisas is mentioned in "Crooked River Burning," a novel set in Cleveland (p88), which I was reading on the plane to Acapulco
* some animal was very hungry in the middle of Saturday night, and managed to knock the plates off our veranda table to get to the small piece of chocolate cake under a protective metal covering

On to the photos!
Pikachu joined us for lunch on the terrace, complete with Sol!

Breakfast was deposited in the "magic box" each morning: sweet rolls, fruit, coffee, and Notes For the Day from hotel staff.

Our own private pool!

Pikachu references the fresh flowers placed in the pool each day.

Sample Las Brisas jeep.

Photos just don't do justice to the real thing.

View of Acapulco Bay from our room.

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