01 July 2010

my garden grows

Oh happy July!

Nature is doing what I've been coaxing it to do: produce! I've got small bunches of green tomatoes on the vines, some jalapeno peppers starting to dangle from branches, cucumber blossoms blossoming, and little bursts of peppers from their blooms.

I'm asking these same good forces of nature to be kind and allow something to ripen enough for me to eat by the end of this month. I'll be fairly heartbroken if everything comes to fruition during the two weeks we're in the wintersphere of Australia and New Zealand.

Here are photos of the garden at the beginning of May and now:


Anonymous said...

So neat!!

Rose white said...

Great garden! Well organized and very clean! Your plants are healthy and they seem to be enjoying the heat of the sun. Don’t let them dry! Thanks for the post

kari said...

esta muy copado tu blog te felicito muy creativo el blog