26 November 2009

a break from regular programming

I'm going to try to limit the eye rolls today -- in honor of my fellow Americans who will be digging into the spirit of Giving Thanks and mountains of fattening food in this country of obesity, where a tool like Sarah Palin has the top-selling book this week...

Look, I recognize the difficulties here.

Opportunities will surely present themselves.

Like at the artsy-fartsy restaurant where we're going to have dinner this afternoon. For one, it's called ArtBar, so artsy is definitely in the mix, and where there's an artsy, there's a good chance it'll be followed by fartsy. Second, I'm bound to have at least one glass of wine, which always loosens my eye muscles, making them more susceptible to rolling.

Then there are the three football games today, in which several of my fantasy players may very well get in situations to fumble the ball, be intercepted, miss kicks, and essentially screw my chances of winning.

But in those dangerous moments, I'll try to think of cute fuzzy kittens, my warm house and husband, our wonderful family and friends, and the next 3 days away from work. Yeah, even though the dickish phrase "Life is Good" is now a commercial entity and totally overused, I gotta admit that it's true.

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