04 September 2009

slow ride. take it easy

Things are ticking along with the new house. Had a minor setback this morning when our cable provider told us we need an electrician to install additional power points & cable hookups to put our TVs where we want them. Queue another person to find, another appointment to schedule.

Today is all about waiting. Cable guy, window/blind guy, cleaning lady and mattress delivery have come and gone. Sitting on a notsobad deck chair in an otherwise empty kitchen with hit-and-miss wireless that I'm scamming off some unknowing neighbor, and waiting for the washer, dryer and new bed.

I'm hoping it all gets done in time for me to head over to the Registry of Motor Vehicles, where I expect to put my eyerolling and full frustration mode to use, as I try to change the address on my driver's license and car registration.

Then we have a long holiday weekend to really kickstart the packing process. We're both catch ourselves saying how excited we are to move. And the timing is perfect, what with the 4 asshat college students who just moved in upstairs. Their Tuesday night party went past 1am, and every night I hear them coming and going, walking all over the place at all hours. My younger self was much like these kids and maybe I'm just jealous. Or maybe I'm just old and need my sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Tase them all before leaving!