08 September 2009

I've waited years for this

Was thinking yesterday that, for the past 24 years, I have lived in multi-unit/tenant buildings. I haven't lived in a single dwelling since I left Cleveland when I was 18. That run comes to an end this Saturday.

Thanks to this past long holiday weekend, we got a heck of lot done. I'd say the apartment is three-fourths packed and we've managed to take quite a few things over to the new house.

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oucheba said...

You say three-fourths, I say more like three-quarters.

In order; No more running twins and high-heeled mothers, bongo players, timid Jewish lady sex, 6 weeks above a shop, masturbating mailman, doorbell ringing PITA, or what seemed like a gymnast doing flips at Merton Abbey. + the zillions of apartments you suffered in SF and OH