19 August 2009

worth a read

Every year, the Cambridge Public Library chooses a book and encourages the entire city to read it, in a well-publicized program called Cambridge Reads. They invite the author to speak and there are mini-discussions at schools, libraries, etc. Usually the book is by a local author, although we've had international bestsellers like Greg Mortensen, whose experiences bringing schools for girls to Pakistan were told in the book "Three Cups of Tea".

The Cambridge Reads book is chosen in May each year, typically announced in June so the high-school kids can read it over the summer and library groups read it September and October. The author generally holds a reading in October or November.

I give you all this background because I'm sure this year's author will stir some further controversy in our city.

This year, we'll be reading Colored People, by Henry Louis Gates.

I wonder if beer will be served.

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Anonymous said...

Usually, we call that "propaganda"!