14 August 2009

the long days of summer

In this Extended Wait for Home Loan Approval interlude, some thoughts from the previous week:

San Francisco is my kind of town. I don't know how anyone can be unhappy there. Though I flew in & out in a matter of hours last weekend, I had a fantastic time strolling through Golden Gate Park; lounging in my best friend's airy loft; drinking magnifique cocktails (vodka, guava puree, housemade citrus liqueur, lime juice) and eating garlic noodles in the jungle bar at Lingba's in Portero Hill; feeling at home in a lovely group of gay men who dished on a girl who said she was the sex columnist for the Examiner and who was passing out torn scraps of notebook paper (with her naughty website -- let's just say the word "rim" was in the string) and calling them her "business cards." I miss that city. I miss seeing my best friend.

I don't enjoy being around children, especially those sitting directly behind you on an airplane who suddenly announce their "belly hurts." Because you know what's coming. Twice. More worrisome is the mother telling the kid "over the seat on the floor". I instantly moved my handbag and lifted my feet from the floor. Luckily, I was safe.

Being told to "be patient" this week really sucked. Not just because patience is not among my virtues but because the admonition came without an explanation of why I needed to be patient. Knowing that there's a 45-minute wait for a restaurant table is one thing. There's a defined waiting period & an understanding of the process. Having no clue how long it'll take to push some paper around and why it needs to be pushed around so much is utterly frustrating. My dear friend suggests meditating. I prefer complaining because I'm good at that.

I need to become more outspoken when my personal trainer tells me to do something that doesn't feel right. Three days and too many Ibuprofens later and my neck is still stiff and sore.

Another valuable lesson learned this week is that some people deserve to be given a chance. I was very nervous about my new boss when he started a few months ago, but so far, he has turned out to be even better than my old boss.

I'm sure next week will be more eventful, or at least important, than this week. I expect to have some sort of news -- maybe good, maybe bad. But at least it'll break the interlude of waiting hell.

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