23 May 2009

operation moth destruction

It has been a busy week. Work has been very busy (thanks in part to all the layoffs, but also because things are starting to turn around), and then there's this whole house thing.

The short of it is: We saw a house in Cambridge that we really really like. Went back a couple times, put in an offer, then had the inspection. Inspection comes back not-so-good. We're in limbo right now, figuring out if it's worth revising the offer or if we should just walk away from the deal. That's that for now. Taking the long weekend to consider.

Meanwhile, all week, we've noticed an increasingly worrying moth situation in our current apartment. A few turned into a few dozen turned into every time we picked up a jacket or a towel, something flew out of it.

Hadn't had a chance to do something about it till today. And today was Operation Moth Destruction.

Richard's mission: take all wools, linens and silks to dry cleaners; purchase heavy-duty moth killing agent for the dank, humid basement, where our landlord always seems to forgetfully leave a light on. [Our apt is directly above said basement, and of course we have gaps in all the floorboards.]

Anne's weapons: Murphy's oil soap to clean all the closets, floors, drawers, doors and woodwork; vacuum all rugs and furniture; lavender sachets and cedar soap in drawers and closets.

I'm chagrined at all the water and energy used to run 4 loads of laundry today, but if it killed these damn flying creatures, I'll pay that green price today.

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