26 April 2009

the joys of youth

A good friend of mine, several years ago, said that all my maternal instincts were directed at baby animals. It's either that or I just enjoy being like a little girl, filled with the glee of little things and worlds of cute.

And so I was thrilled yesterday to be temporarily 6 years old when I saw these adorable 9-day-old goats at the Sheepshearing Festival at Gore Place in Waltham.

Indeed, the little girl kneeling next to me vocalized what my brain and heart were screaming inside when she exclaimed: "OHHHHHH, they are SOOO cute!"

These lovelies were brought to the festival by Hames & Axle Farm in Ashburton.

Other delights included bordie collie demonstrations, lots of arts & crafts, minutemen exercises, food and, of course, sheepshearing. Though I didn't get a pic of a sheered sheep, I did snap this little lamb by its mom:


Anonymous said...

Anne..this will add to the Awwww-how-cute emotion...


Enjoy! Amy

Anonymous said...

crap...i didnt get the whole url in...


that should work better! -Amy