09 March 2009

shut up!

I've been cat sitting for over a year now, and been around cats since I was 4 or 5 years old. In all that time, I've never met a cat who didn't like being talked to.

Until this weekend.

I'm getting this cat's food ready and talking to him about it. He starts talking back, then walks over and nips me. I thought it was just a "get me my damn food" sort of thing.

But after he ate, I'm giving him a head & neck massage & he's drooling and purring -- until I start talking to him. Then he talks back, nips me and walks away.

Now I'm pissed, but determined to test my 'This Cat Don't Like Talking' theory. I wait till he comes over for more lovin' and scratch his cheeks, making him purr. I tell him he's such a pretty cat and sure enough, he sasses me, nips me and stalks off.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he just does not like your voice! ;)