16 February 2009

not funny, kinda funny

Scanning stories this morning and read this first line of a story from The Guardian:

A two-year-old girl died after she and her eight-month-old brother fell into the sea in their double pushchair in Folkestone, Kent, yesterday afternoon.

Terribly sad.

But it immediately sent me back nearly 15 years to the time I cocked up the pronunciation of that city in Kent. It was in the course of planning my first trip to Europe, which included a Channel crossing from England to France. I'm not sure of this, but I think we had a choice of crossing from Dover or Folkestone — the latter of which I pronounced "Folk ee Stone ee".

Interesting that I can easily remember such embarrassing moments, as though I like to torture myself, and can't readily call to mind some of the incredibly wicked smart things I've said.

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oucheba said...

I actually think the news story is funny in a dark way.
I presume they were on the promenade, rather than on the beach. Either way it is a comedy death. Like the girl killed by the TV set in Wales at Christmas. To clarify. Kids dying - Not funny. Anyone dying in a strange fashion - Funny.

Hey English people, what's your favorite state, Maryland or Michigan?