23 December 2008

needed to write it down

Seems appropo that, as I type this, the background photo on my computer is one of our little Isobelle. It's this one of her, taken mid-yawn, by our good friend Didier:

Seeing it breaks my heart again, and yet I can't remove the photo from my file.

We had to put our dear kitten to sleep last Wednesday. Only 9 years old, but turns out she had a very rare heart disease. It had been well masked for a long time, but other complications brought the disease to the fore and she was just too weak.

Such a sweet, lovely and loving cat. We banked on having much more time with her, but I'm happy she didn't suffer or have to put up with lots of medications or intrusions.

Can't wait to get away with Richard tomorrow to see our family in Cleveland. Need to stop crying for a while and enjoy the holidays.

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