17 November 2008

without a hitch

Richard and I were just talking about Christopher Hitchens, a relatively conservative journalist whom we admire. Indeed, we agree that the wit and intelligence exhibited by Hitchens is such that he could change our minds on certain subjects because his arguments are so well-founded.

I haven't read much Hitchens lately. The run-up to the election had been so contentious, overwrought and hateful, that I didn't think I could bear any more -- either so-called liberal or conservative press.

But I just dipped into Slate, for which Hitchens is a regular columnist. Wish I could have shared some of these columns with anyone who dangled the possibility of voting for the McCain/Palin ticket. Seems Hitchens wanted to vote GOP, but the McCain lies and Palin shamefulness was too much for him to bear.

If you head over there, pay particular attention to Palin's War on Science. This woman better never come out of that Alaskan wilderness again.

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