07 September 2008


Richard doesn't allow commenting on his blog, so I have to create an entry on mine to tell him he's gotten two things wrong, both in this post.

First, he's a widower, not widow. And yes, frankly, he is that because Sundays during football season are mine. If he wants to join me, fine, but don't expect any special attention. And he doesn't.

Second, I don't have 12 fantasy teams and I didn't bitch. OK, I do expect him to fix it when it goes down, but he co-runs a tech-related company. I only write about the shit.

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John O said...

It seems like you're in an especially bad mood today. Hasn't the history of Cleveland sports inoculated you against these kinds of Sunday afternoon/Monday morning blues? (Despite being a Cowboys fan, I feel your pain, what with spending a fourth round fantasy pick on Derek Anderson to quarterback my team.)
As for Richard, I remember him making us attend a 0-0 Arsenal match at Highbury. He owes it to you to sit through the Browns, circa 2008.
How many fantasy teams do you really have?