08 August 2008

what a witch

Took the "teens" to Salem today. After sitting in traffic on the 128 for godknowshowlong, we were starving. Skipped some weirdo healthy-organic-California-hippie place and headed straight for the unhealthy, hair-in-your-food quality deli. We're not picky.

Downpour necessitated impulse purchase of 2 cheap umbrellas. I'm sure the shopgirl watching me like a hawk (I think she thought I was going to steal one of them) overheard me saying how ugly their umbrellas were. But what can you expect for $5.98? Bought two. Didn't stop us from getting soaked.

On to Salem Witch Museum. AWFUL!! For godsake, update the flaming recording! It sounds like it was done in the 1970s. And while you're at it, do something about the mannequins. I'm sure Madame Tussaud's could help out -- I mean considering the outrageous $8 admission charge and the 30 or so people who shuffle in every 10 minutes for the next "showing", the Museum must be able to afford a refurbish.

But for my Paris-based friends: I heard someone ask for a French audio guide and the Museum had one!

Refilled the meter then walked to Captain Dusty's for ice cream. Not impressed by the ice cream or the little shits working the counter who only had time to flirt with the one high school dude working with them. But I did put a dollar tip in the "College Fund" tip jar. These kids need all the help they can get.

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