17 July 2008

nobody's perfect

As mentioned earlier, our glamour cat has been throwing up a lot. We tested for food allergies, then tried an antacid, then anti-vomiting. No change.

So, now we're going to test if the problem is psychological. My hypothesis, as posed to our dear Aimee Mann-like vet, is that Isobelle cleans her bowl and when she wants more and there is none, she gets anxious. And the longer she waits, the more anxious she gets. And then she throws up.

So, the vet and I agreed that we should try an automatic feeder. She urges us to get one with an augur mechanism, which slowly releases the food in a consistent manner. And then says one of her patients recommends this one:

Now, Richard and I love our little furball kitten. We spoil her like crazy and worry over her, but let me tell you, our little high-maintenance madam is not getting one of these $500 contraptions.

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