08 April 2008

first in flight

I, for one, praise the EU’s recent decision to allow the use of cell phones on flights over Europe. Let the Europeans dabble with the resulting air rage incidents first, before the FAA and our crack US air marshals get a chance to really screw it up.


Anonymous said...

The use of cell phones on flights over Europe is going to be a disaster! Can you imagine the French attitude enclosed in such a small area where people speak loudly, scream at each other while drinking wine and eating baguette???

anne said...

Somehow, I'd rather sit next to someone speaking a foreign language that I can't, or barely, understand. It's 1000x better than having to listen to the inane commentary of an insecure, nervous American mother who can't leave her children alone for a couple of hours. Honestly, what did these freaks do before the invention of cellphones?