04 December 2007

waitin' on a sunny day

I realize Bruce’s song has nothing to do with going on a beach resort holiday, but it’s the tune in my head today.

We’re staying at Las Brisas resort in Acapulco. We went there last year, but to remind myself of what we’re looking forward to (and to delay dealing with some of my clients’ general suckitude), today I went to the hotel’s website. On the opening webpage, there’s this:

“Where Children are seldom seen but often created...”

Ed note: sic on the cap C. [I can't help it!]

Anyway, not only are there no kids running around, but last year, we hardly saw any adults. What bliss to not have to deal with people, unless they’re bringing us food and drinks.

And that image calms me as I return to my regularly scheduled bag o' shite at work.

Did I tell ya that we fly out on Thursday?

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