16 December 2007


For pete's sake. Another 5-8 inches of snow. This time it's the heavy stuff.

Just cleared out my neighbor's yard and car. Poor Jack (or properly, Jacques, because he's French); 85 years old, with 4 stents in his heart and no one in this neighborhood, not even his college-student tenants, clear snow for him. I want so much to tell my neighbors what I think of them, especially the family next door (Bee-otch and Wimpy her husband) with 4 healthy kids, the eldest being 12 or 13. My mom would have hit me on the head if I didn't automatically go shovel someone's yard -- let alone an elderly man with health problems. No, she didn't even need to tell me because she and my father instilled good values and a sense of communal spirit in their kids. These asshat neighbor kids are now building a snow fort while Wimpy helps.


Anonymous said...

Don't hate kids Anne, don't hate kids...
Just eradicate them from the Earth face whenever you can! (first French philosophical principle)

Anonymous said...

don't be a hatah