09 March 2006

misty air from japan

I can't remember where I heard about these humidifiers but they look so cool. Leave it to the Japanese to come up with a fabulous design concept. Anyway, we ordered one from Compact Impact (http://compact-impact.com). Looks like a big plastic doughnut, or life preserver.

The true fun came when we opened the box and discovered that all the directions were in Japanese. That, coupled with a mysterious little bag with two Q-tips inside, got our eyebrows raised. Undeterred, I found some loosely translated instructions on the web and my dear husband set to work.

Used it for the first time last night. The only problem was waking up to a series of beeps, like an alarm clock, at 4am and saw a light flashing on the doughnut. Figured it was out of water, so we turned it off. That will be a major bummer if it can't fit enough water to last through the night.

However, it was lovely to wake up without our tongues sticking to the roofs of our mouths and cracked lips. Hurray for the humidifier!

I also took a photo of the cute logo stamped on the outer packaging. I'm not a cutsey sort of girl -- I don't have stuffed animals or stuff in my apartment, but I do dig fun design. Take a look:

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